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Smoking can be extremely detrimental to your health – increasing the risk for various forms of cancer, raising your blood pressure, decreasing sexual performance as well as making you more addicted to nicotine. That being said, many individuals are looking to vaping (e-cigarette) as a healthier alternative to smoking. However,

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Although your job may require you to sit at a desk all day, your refusal to move can be quite hazardous to your health. This sedentary habit can lead to issues such as poor posture as well as an increase in your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, a recent

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Making healthy choices is difficult when the consequences of your bad choices don’t show up right away. That’s one reason why it’s touch for some folks to recognize that they’re on a glide path to Type-2 diabetes. But we’re here to alert you to the signs and help you prevent

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For those who love to immediately dive for a handful of assorted nuts at a dinner party, this latest discovery should definitely keep you smiling and munching away. Last week, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that if you eat nuts in your regular diet, you can greatly decrease your chances of developing a