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As a brand, we have long prided ourselves on not only the valuable health content of our magazine but also on the quality of the events we host. We work tirelessly to get access to ensure our speakers are those leading psychologists and general practitioners in the fields of health

meditation | Longevity LIVE

A 2016 news report revealed how after adopting 15 minutes of meditation as a form of discipline, Robert W. Coleman Elementary school – that contains over 300 students – experienced a school year free of suspensions. Instead of being sent to the principle’s office, students are sent to the Mindful Moment Room. In this room,

compost | Longevity LIVE

If you’re reading this and feel unsure as to why this is relevant to you, you need to try an experiment for just one normal day – one that will get you in a compost mindset. All you need to do is keep a container with a lid with you

nitrate | Longevity LIVE

It’s already present in you naturally, it’s in our food, our water and soil, and it’s the ingredient that gets added to fertilizer so that plants grow quicker. Walk into any supermarket, and this chemical will be present on the shelves, in some form or another. The trouble is, if it

choline | Longevity LIVE

Not only is choline an important B vitamin, but it’s also a nutrient that’s essential for a number of biological processes. These include DNA formation and healthy liver function, as well as helping to form tissue within the nervous system that plays a part in brain development and growth. As this

hormones | Longevity LIVE

Hormones are molecules within the body that act as their main signaling system. Your hormones are produced and regulated by the endocrine system. Through the release of various hormones, this system helps manage various body functions such as mood, appetite and your immune system. As important as hormones are, certain

addiction | Longevity LIVE

Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tik and heroin. These are some of the most commonly used substances in South Africa and elsewhere, and they always leave ruined lives in their wake. The word ‘addiction’ has its roots in a Latin term meaning ‘enslaved’ or ‘bound to’. This is accurate, as a person suffering from substance

depression | Longevity LIVE

Depression affects millions of people worldwide. It can be severely disabling, impacting general health and wellbeing, and performance at work and school. Like other mental illnesses, depression can have a profound effect on social life. In fact, one in two people suffering from mental illness say they have lost friends

memory | Longevity LIVE

If you’re looking to preserve your memory, you’ll need to ensure that you have a strong social network. According to a new study done in mice, keeping in touch with your friends over the years might be the best thing for your memory. The study Researchers from Ohio State University

eco-friendly | Longevity LIVE

In looking to preserve the health of our planet, it’s important that we regularly practice recycling. This eco-friendly process allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, whilst saving money. Although you’re probably already doing your part, reusing old glass jars and hopefully opting not to take the straw with your smoothie, there are