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If you’re looking to preserve your memory, you’ll need to ensure that you have a strong social network. According to a new study done in mice, keeping in touch with your friends over the years might be the best thing for your memory. The study Researchers from Ohio State University

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With the continuous growth of the gaming industry, it would be hard to find any technological devices that are free of games. Even learning systems have some form of gaming intertwined into them. It’s clear that games have become a basic part of our lives. Whether it’s joining your child

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Keeping our children and ourselves sane and healthy when exam stress hits is a challenge for any parent. Thankfully there are many lifestyle tools to help lower stress impact and increase concentration and memory. We share the most important tools to make next exam time a stress free experience. How

memory | Longevity LIVE

Memory is an essential aspect of what makes us human. We are influenced by what we know, understand and remember of our past. Each experience we have, positive or negative, lays a foundation for the next and is predictive of whom we will become… So what happens when you can