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Relationships, even those that may seem the most blissful, can take their toll on one or both partners. Should you discover that your partner suffers from a personality disorder, this may have a very negative impact on the relationship, and could be enough to lead to a complete and final

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After more than a decade of research, this much we know: it’s good for your brain to know another language. Multilingualism could prove to be a key factor in brain health. A new study from researchers at Concordia University goes further, however, focusing specifically on the effects of knowing a


Living green doesn’t have to be difficult. By including these eco-friendly products in your day-to-day routine, you can do your part to decrease waste and harmful chemicals that go back to the environment, save water, and slow down the rate at which we use up our natural resources. Did you

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Admit it. We all want to look younger, be a little thinner, boost our sex drives or brighten our skin… without the expense of seeing a doctor. These days, all it takes is a few clicks to pick up a real bargain on the Internet: two “fat-dissolving” injections for the

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The message is out there that the world of work has changed and that we all should work longer. In many cases this may mean becoming an entrepreneur and building your own brand. The best way to tackle your current situation, if you have not saved enough, is to try

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In this article, the Longevity team shares one of their favorite books with you. For this one, the topic of money is being discussed. Have you ever spent your salary in a couple of weeks and had nothing to show for it? While some women seem to know how to stretch every

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Solitude in 2018 is certainly a scarcity. The world has never been a busier place. Our information-per-minute and activity-per-day rates have tripled over the past ten years, despite modern conveniences designed to save us time and busyness. We spend a good deal of money on washing machines, fast food, car washes

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So, here are 100 simple ways to be healthy. Over time, you’ll find that these habits start to accumulate. Before you know it, you’ll wake up and discover that you’re leading the healthy, happy life you’ve been aiming for. 71. Resist the temptation of free food. If it’s not healthy


It’s official. Dread and delight set in as you place the “for sale” sign up to sell your home.  This is your nest, the place where you breathe a deep sigh of relief at the end of every day, a space filled with ambition and dreams. Yet things have recently

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One of the newest and most promising areas of medical research is technology designed to measure your mental health and predict what you are going to do next. Researchers are investigating whether an app and a blood test can predict a suicide risk. A Study on Suicide Predictors: In a