NEWS FLASH… In 2020, the GenX or Generation X, the  “sandwich” generation will hit the ripe old ‘early retirement age’ of 55.  Yes it’s true! Trust me. I took the news pretty hard as I’m born on its cusp in 1965, thus and will be one of the first to

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Admittedly, at the start of this article, I had to conduct a bit of research on the term “millennials” to determine what group of people actually fit into this demographic. The biggest mistake one could make in providing meaningful tops on staying young and relevant with millennials would be failing

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Anti-aging has been the hottest topic for decades, and for Millennials it is no different. It’s clear that wrinkles are “bad” and eternal youth is “good”. But lately there has been a shift in thinking towards aging gracefully, and away from expensive “quick- x” products. Millennials want dermatological, solution-focused lifestyle habits. Fillers and