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Music can still be a vehicle for women to get themselves heard — and to heal, says Sandi Curtis.  Curtis recently retired from Concordia as a professor of music therapy. She has long believed that listening to and creating music can be a source of empowerment for women. This can be

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When they say ‘life begins at 40’, it means being finally settled down with life and having more time to enjoy your interests and hobbies. As you reach this age, you will also become more in tune with your emotional and psychological state, and you learn to appreciate more of

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Hailing from ancient Asia meditation has become a worldwide, respected practice. While it has been grossly modified over the last few decades, meditation still aims to evokes mental clarity and emotional stability. Other benefits include stress reduction, improved heart rate and lowered blood pressure. A new study has highlighted how

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Rest, unfortunately, is something that too many of us consider a luxury nowadays. I speak to people about and many of them can’t help but feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing. It seems we are expected to just go, go, go at full speed day in and day out. This

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Music has quite the impact on our brains with various studies citing how some songs can not only enhance workouts but they can also help to alleviate mood. Some of us even enjoy music with our meals, which is often readily provided in cafes and restaurants. However, recent studies have

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Having figured out that men and women exercise to different tunes to help them break through the pain barrier and motivate them, Dr Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University has created the ultimate fitness soundtrack. The playlist is said to be based on the global popularity of tracks together with music