Are you interested in beauty, wellness and fitness? Then don’t miss out on My Beauty Expo 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Gauteng, South Africa, from 9-11 June. Stay up to date with the latest trends, product launches, live demonstrations and specials from your favorite brands. You’ll also get

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You know all that time you take to make sure your hair looks really good? (And it does!) Turns out, that’s time well spent – because you can get that time back in the form of more years added onto your life. Studies show that those who take time to

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Whether it’s summer or winter, you need to follow through with proper foot care. While a lot of this maintenance may just seem like it’s for aesthetic reasons – it’s really not. Looking after your feet is an important part of maintaining overall health as well. 1. Cut your nails properly

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Food is medicine; by now we are well aware of that. But did you know it doesn’t stop there, that food can also be part of your beauty routine? Here we provide a one-day diet that will improve the look and feel of your hair, skin, nails, and give you

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When it comes to our finger and toenails, we often pay them little to no attention – unless it’s for aesthetic purposes. However, like our hair and skin, our nails can provide a window into the state of our health – proving that there’s more to them than bright colors

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It’s safe to say that having enough time to get your beauty regimen done with ease on a daily basis is close to impossible. Whether you’re rushing to work in the mornings, or you just don’t have enough time between errands – you definitely can benefit from simple beauty hacks that keep

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In this product review article, we share on the best and latest in beauty so that you know exactly what to expect from the newest products on the shelves right now. 1. If you want instantly luminous skin, you need to get a primer with active ingredients Try: Sisley Instant Éclat Base Lumière,

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Having long, strong and healthy nails seems nearly impossible for many of us – but we have some great ideas to help you get your nails into tip-top shape. But before we jump right to the advice, it’s a good idea to understand your nails, so you can choose the

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We all know that we are what we eat, so what do your hair, skin and nails say about you? Our list of the 10 best beauty foods will have you glowing and gorgeous this year. 1. Oats For white spots on nails This may indicate that you are lacking

These are our top non-invasive trending treatments for helping you to radiate health and vitality until the end of summer. 1. Davines NaturalTech Renewing Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment Why this is a must The Davines NaturalTech Renewing range works by nourishing, moisturising and stimulating your scalp and hair – making the