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A common staple in ayurvedic medicine,  adaptogens are herbs that help to maintain and improve overall health by regulating the body’s stress levels. In the fast-paced lives that we lead, avoiding stress is near impossible. However, the concern arises when stress becomes chronic. Chronic stress can affect the body in

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Nitsa Citrine shares the power of adaptogens. She is a  wellness expert and the founder of House of Citrine. An adaptogen is a tonic herb or medicinal plant that works to bring the body into a state of balance. It’s growing in popularity because it helps your body to adapt to internal

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Antibiotic resistance is a growing public health concern worldwide. According to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) when antibiotics don’t work, the result can be “longer illnesses, more complicated illnesses, more doctor visits, the use of stronger and more expensive drugs and even more deaths caused by bacterial infections”.

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Yoga isn’t the only gift traditional Indian cultures have shared with the west. Turmeric is one of many potent spices treasured by Ayurvedic doctors, and for a good reason. Being the subject of over 7000 peer-reviewed scientific articles, turmeric shows ancient Indian medicine had it right with their bright orange root.

The ancient world referred to pomegranates as the “food of the gods.” Now scientists have discovered a new anti-aging property in the fruit. Our body has a fundamental aging process which weakens our muscles.  Scientists have recently discovered that pomegranates have a chemical which combats this process. However, in order


Bruce Dennison, the President of Health Products Association of South Africa (HPASA), spoke at opening day of the Vitafoods Africa Conference, which is being held from 1-3 October. He addressed the topic of regulation in the CAMs, supplements and natural medicine industry. Dennison explained that regulations play an important role in ensuring that

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Vitafoods Africa,  a 3-day conference aimed at facilitating conversation between key stakeholders in the nutraceutical, CAMs and supplements sectors, kicked off yesterday. The first speaker of the day was Dr Moscow Marumo, the Chief Director: Biodiversity Economy and Sustainable Use for the Department of Environmental Affairs, who addressed the issue

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In this column from the Health Products Association of South Africa (HPASA), Suzanne Ellis discusses how the association is fighting to keep reputable products on the market. The effects of the new CAMs Regulations are starting to kick in and consumers are noticing that many of the health products on

NATURAL MEDICINE In this column from the Health Products Association of South Africa (HPASA), SUZANNE ELLIS discusses why you may have trouble finding your favourite health supplements on the shelves. On 15 November 2013, the South African Department of Health (DoH) published new regulations relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicines

Infertility is a big concern for many couples. Here is how to optimise your chances – the natural way, says Dr. Colin La Grange  The most important growth step any couple can take after their commitment to each other is the choice to have children. Very few people know what they are in