Beauty trends have been around for years – from Hollywood glamour in the 1940’s to bold hair and statement eyes in die 1980’s. Celebrity stylists in the fashion, film and music industries play a powerful role in determining these trends. However, the one thing they wouldn’t have been able to

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Imagine living in a house where all the food is stored in jar glasses. Imagine doing your shopping only once a week, whilst carrying your own home-made shopping basket, swapping plastic shopping bags with cloth bags for your veggies and other small items. Imagine taking that old sheet and turning it

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WHO (World Health Organisation) is calling for strict regulations of “vaping”, as well the banning of any indoor use, and exposing minors to advertising and sales. #WorldNoTobaccoDay 2017 is encouraging us to educate our children about the damaging affects of smoking on both our health and future developments.  WHO Need You To