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Lazy is definitely how most of us describe a person who chooses not to do any form of exercise whatsoever. Well, particularly if you’re a recreational athlete and coach like me. But, are these people lazy or just scared? That’s a really important question. Over the past few years, America’s

Opioid rule

The New York State Department of Health has announced the filing of emergency regulations adding any condition for which an opioid could be prescribed as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. The regulations went into immediate effect from the 12th July 2018.  Registered practitioners may certify patients to use medical


More than 126 million U.S. adults reported experiencing chronic pain in the previous three months, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Pain — 25.3 million contend with it every day, and 23.4 million say that it’s severe. If you’re one of those folks, you know that takes

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A strategy to remain active despite aging and sore joints is possible and desirable for anyone. Consult a sports physician or your doctor for advice on conservative interventions – there are many good options available. Fortunately, doctors have numerous more conservative options to treat joint pain: 1. Weight loss For

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Mention sex and you have everyone’s attention. Mention pelvic-floor health and you’ve lost them. Yet you cannot have the one without the other. In addition to low libido, pelvic-floor problems are also indicated in painful sex, womb prolapse and lower-back pain. Instead of suffering in silence, women now have access


The You Docs’ expert advice about the link between stress, insomnia and pain More than 126 million US adults reported experiencing pain in the previous three months, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Pain – 25.3 million contend with it every day, and 23.4 million say it’s

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There is a correlation between our emotional, spiritual, mental Self and any physical discomfort, pain or disease. We cannot see our mind, feelings or spirit, yet we know they are there. Our material, physical, Earth experience acts as a mirror to the invisible aspects of ourselves. The body is an

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Yoga isn’t the only gift traditional Indian cultures have shared with the west. Turmeric is one of many potent spices treasured by Ayurvedic doctors, and for a good reason. Being the subject of over 7000 peer-reviewed scientific articles, turmeric shows ancient Indian medicine had it right with their bright orange root.

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Tasty herbs really make a meal, especially when they are freshly picked from the garden. Today new research reveals that plant-derived compounds found in Sage and Rosemary may be more than just delicious flavours. These molecules have been found to be effective in fighting inflammation, pain and much more. Sage