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Pets are the furry, wide-eyed extended part of the family that we can never get enough of. Whether it’s a dog, cat, parrot, goldfish or even guinea pigs, pets create emotional bonds with us and they help to forge fondness and memories. While pets are often adopted by a younger demographic,

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You may be creating your own New Year’s Resolutions but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include your household pet. With over 150 million pets present in United States homes, it’s important to ensure that their environmental impact is anything but positive (1). In your quest to live a greener

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Having a pet is a privilege, and anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy the presence of a furry friend (or scaly, or webbed friend, for that matter) at home will know the value they add to your life. Sometimes, however, certain things can get lost in translation, as we work