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If your new year’s resolution was to enjoy more plant-based meals, you’re certainly not alone. They may be music’s biggest power couple but Beyonce and Jay-Z are urging fans to enjoy a more plant-based diet. The couple, who share three children, recently shared that their health-conscious approach was a direct

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There is a growing awareness that consuming a primarily plant-based diet is crucial for good health. Studies are showing that swapping animal proteins for plant-based proteins can help improve your longevity and lower your chances of lifestyle disease. Not to mention, lowering your intake of animal-based products is also a fantastic way to

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We all know that what you eat has a direct impact on the health of your skin. According to registered dietitian Kerri-Ann Jennings, if you eat the correct foods you can provide a powerful line of defence against dryness, UV damage and wrinkles, whilst promoting smooth skin. At the same