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As of late, the buzzword when it comes to dietary habits is plant-based eating, with many people doing their best to stay free of animal-based foods. The human body needs protein to function, yet it doesn’t store it. Therefore, it’s important for people to incorporate it into their diets on

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If your new year’s resolution was to enjoy more plant-based meals, you’re certainly not alone. They may be music’s biggest power couple but Beyonce and Jay-Z are urging fans to enjoy a more plant-based diet. The couple, who share three children, recently shared that their health-conscious approach was a direct

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With rising evidence that plant based diets are a healthier option, no wonder many of us are revising our eating habits. But how do you ensure that your body is obtaining sufficient protein from plants, required for longevity? Here are the top sources of plant based protein that are an


Research released in the August 2016 issue of JAMA Internal Medicine says eating plant based protein lowers the risk of death.  So if you want to live longer. Best you eat more beans, nuts, and grains and reduce your meat and egg intake. The research study is the largest ever