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If you were to look at a line graph of the demand for plastic and reconstructive surgery for the last 20 years or so, you would see it growing steadily. Since 2000, the number of cosmetic procedures conducted annually has increased by a staggering 115%. This is as reported by

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Stretch marks appear on almost every person’s body in one form or another. However, they tend to appear when you have either lost or gained a lot of weight. They are irregular markings on your skin that look like bands, stripes, or lines. Unfortunately, most people are not fond of

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On the 14th of July this year, bank manager Lilian Calixto (45) was injected with an overly large dose of acrylic glass during a plastic surgery procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Approximately twelve hours after the procedure, she was dead. The cause of death was cardiac arrest. About

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When they were first introduced in the 1980s, dermal fillers were used to do exactly as their name suggests – to “fill” the lines and wrinkles in the face that are a natural result of aging. In this article Dr Jeanne Botha, a Pretoria-based plastic surgeon and member of the

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Laserderm is one of South Africa’s leading medical aesthetic clinics and has gained enormous credibility over its 16 years for always recommending proficient advice on all your skincare, anti-ageing and slimming concerns as well as offering the best individual care with each treatment they do. Having the widest range of

What did we ever do when Polaroid cameras were the norm, not smartphones? Selfies would have turned out to be a forehead bathed in a brilliant white light! Our family members would choose the most flattering angles to shoot us, and we would think, in a fog of hubris, that

Renée Zellweger who is known for her quirky role in the “Bridget Jones’ Diary” movies, recently appeared at ELLE US magazine’s Women in Hollywood awards and left the public, fellow celebrities and tabloids in awe of her dramatically different appearance. The 45-year-old actress looked almost unrecognizable on the evening, but

Gorgeous local celebrity, actor, producer and writer Lehasa Moloi shares his grooming secrets with us.   Actor, producer, writer – Lehasa Moloi Do you have a beauty coach? Beauty coach? What is that? Any beauty product(s) you cant live without? I can’t live without my exfoliator. It just makes me feel

Beautiful actress Kate Winslet, famed for her natural good looks, shares her views on beauty.   What is your definition of beauty? My definition of beauty is a woman who can love with her whole self. Without vanity and unconditionally. But in a more conventional sense, my definition of beauty

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Real women share their stories and experiences with having aesthetic procedures making sure to share their reasons for the beauty procedures IngrId Malan (58) An executive in the advertising industry who had a facelift 13 years ago at the age of 45. Why did you have a surgical procedure? I