Rich Mulholland

living | Longevity LIVE

A few years ago I heard the news that one of my childhood heroes, Leonard Nimoy, better know as Star Trek’s Mr Spock, had died of old age. It’s quite a sobering thought, and certainly makes you wonder about living and your mortality. I’m 40. I’m not a kid anymore.

chubby | Longevity LIVE

I don’t think my wife trusts me. 🙁 For pretty much all of my adult life, I have struggled with keeping in shape. I enjoy training – it’s not that. It’s just that I enjoy eating more – and the description ‘chubby’ is beginning to apply to me. Generally, though,

happy | Longevity LIVE

A little while ago I found myself on the hunt for my happy place. That place where everything is great, there’s not a stress in the world. There’s just kittens, puppies, candy floss, and gratuitous nudity. My hunt took me to Google, where I actually managed to find a real