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For most people, our hair is a feature to which we are willing to donate a fair amount of time, energy and money in order to keep it in shape – one’s hair is one’s crown, after all. But how often do we give even a thought to our scalp

Rosemary Water

When I read an advertisement for No.1 Rosemary Water in the latest edition of British Vogue, I was curious. What is Rosemary’s secret, I wondered?  The brand is not available in our stores. Yet. The Vogue promotion explained No.1 Rosemary Water was inspired by rosemary grown in a small Italian

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On the southern coast of Italy’s countryside, amidst golden coastline, rocky mountain hills and Azure-blue skies lies a town of undisputed longevity. In Acciaroli, it is very common for people to live to a hundred years or more, while the town’s number of centenarians go to more than 300. For

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Tasty herbs really make a meal, especially when they are freshly picked from the garden. Today new research reveals that plant-derived compounds found in Sage and Rosemary may be more than just delicious flavours. These molecules have been found to be effective in fighting inflammation, pain and much more. Sage