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A new draft health regulation policy tabled by Californian health authorities may require porn actors to wear goggles for their protection. According to the LA Daily News, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health has released a 21-page draft detailing regulations and practices designed to keep porn stars healthy and safe. Extract From


Lack of sleep makes you grumpy, hungry and irritable. Grumpy, hungry and irritable are not the first step on the road to a romp in the sheets. Now, a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine has found that simply adding to the amount you sleep increases the chance

A recent study, published in Sexual Medicine and released by UCLA and Concordia, seems to signal that, contrary to popular belief, viewing sexual stimuli is unlikely to result in erectile dysfunction. Instead it may increase a man’s level of real time sexual arousal. Whilst clinicians have bandied about the idea

On 9th March 2015, Howard Hughes Medical Institute announced their development of a new, powerful vaccination against the herpes virus. Achieving great success in the initial testing stages (on animal subjects) the vaccine will now be put forth for FDA approval, ensuring its safety for human use and promising an

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Lack of sexual activity can lead to depression, a fascinating South African study conducted by anti-depressant pharmaceutical firm has found. More than 700 women were surveyed throughout South Africa about the effect that sex – or the lack thereof  – has on their mental wellbeing. While 8 in 10 women

We all know that sex has multiple physical, health and wellness benefits. Plus we love the emotional connection recreated with our partner. Research has revealed that spicing things up in the bedroom can help improve our relationship. However, new sexual positions can, quite literally, make or break a relationship. A recent

Orgasms can do a lot more than just put a smile on your face…. Here are five facts you didn’t know (but could improve your day) Pain is relative According to, neuroscience has revealed that during an orgasm, your brain processes pain differently, so that things that may feel uncomfortable

Female orgasms are hard to come by if you’re straight, suggests a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers from the Kinsey Institute collected data from a total of 6 151 single men and women between the ages of 21 and 65 by means of an internet

Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada have made history by documenting the way the spine moves during sex. “Any family doctor will tell you that couples often ask them how to manage their back pain during and after sex. Many couples will remain celibate because one night of

  South African women are not satisfied when it comes to their sex life. This is according to a recent Women’s Sexual Wellbeing survey, conducted by Columinate and Durex.  It also revealed that women have extremely low self-esteem in the bedroom – a possible contributor to the low levels of satisfaction? The study