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According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, killing around 9 million people in 2018. In the US, it was estimated that over 1.7 million new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in 2018, and of these cases, 609 640 people would die from the disease. Moreover, the

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As a child enjoying family holidays by the coast, I remember the most hated moment of any day spent on the beach. Besides the one where our parents would announce it’s time to pack up and go home. It was the dreaded moment when my mother would summon us for

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Eating sunscreen to protect yourself from those harsh UV rays is the new long-term solution. With summer now in sight, we’re all taking part in more outdoor activities and perhaps trying to catch a bit of a tan. Many recent studies have found that sunblock can contain hundreds of artificial

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“Even the smallest, seemingly unrelated symptom could be a sign of cancer. You need to know your body and be persistent about having symptoms tested, so you can catch cancer early,” says 36-year-old real estate professional Claire Hodgson, who is currently being treated for metastatic melanoma and has had over

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Sun protection is important, which is why it is imperative that we adopt regular use of sunscreen into our lives. However, with Hawaii banning oxybenzone this past year, one has to wonder which other toxic chemicals may be lingering in our sunscreens. While it is advisable to use sunscreen, a

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There are already plenty of precautions advising against the excessive use of electronics. Various studies have highlighted the effects of high cellphone use. This includes poor sleep patterns, heightened stress levels and even symptoms of depression. If that’s not enough, there is now growing research of how high cellphone usage

It’s the holiday period again. The most important thing is to understand how much sun exposure is enough. And that no matter the weather, every day is a sunscreen day. As with anything in life. You need to keep healthy and balanced. And the approach to your sun care routine should

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Terence Shimwell has a rare form of skin cancer. Instead of letting his diagnosis get the better of him, he has realized the importance of adventure and adrenaline, and has created a movement to benefit those in a similar situation. Think about the following situation. What would it be like

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Do you remember the days when it was fashionable to bake for hours in the sun and slather your body in baby oil to get a tan? Well, it turns out, as we all know, that we were setting ourselves up for wrinkly skin and skin cancer. The fairer your

sun screen | longevity live is a world renowned platform for leading dermatological advice. Recently they decided to research which countries are more prone to skin cancer and why? The survey took serious factors in to account, such as location and economy. The results, in all honesty, are rather baffling. What Do the Results