Do we really eat to beat stress and depression? Not really, says a nutritional expert. Macaroni, cheese, chocolate chip cookies, fried chicken and ice cream are just some of the bad foods women turn to for comfort when we’re feeling emotionally strained, depleted or depressed, says Kathie Swift, MS,

          According to Pharma Dynamics, considered as a leading provider of heartburn medication in South Africa, the prevalence of heartburn and symptoms associated with acid reflux have risen dramatically over the last decade. Currently more than 1,5 million South Africans suffer from this uncomfortable condition daily

When you're stressed out, chances are your diet takes a plunge for the worse. Stress affects your body in various ways, and by eating badly you could be doing yourself more harm than you realise.

“When you get stressed, your brain releases a substance called corticotrophinreleasing hormone, which in turn releases a series of hormonal responses,” explains registered dietician Christine Stent Pinha. Adrenalin and cortisol are the main hormones that are released during periods of stress.

In this column, specialist dermatologist, Dr Rakesh Newaj explains the skin condition vitiligo and available treatment options. During the past decade, the prevalence of skin diseases has increased tremendously. Global warming, stress, bad habits and pollution have all played a role. It is very difficult to measure the direct impact

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People who waste time waiting for a slow computer run the risk of being lethargic, stressed, and less likely to engage in a healthy lifestyle, researchers say. “A slow computer is not only wasting valuable time that could be put towards improved health, but it is also a source of