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Until quite recently, people suffering from highly drug-resistant tuberculosis had poor treatment options and a poor prognosis. However, a new medicine for people with the worst cases of TB is now giving hope where almost none existed. Developed by scientists at the New York–based non-profit TB Alliance, the new pill

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A Rutgers New Jersey Medical School tuberculosis study has found a genetically tractable cause of drug tolerance tuberculosis. It is hoped this important discovery will pave the way for researchers to develop new drugs to combat the global tuberculosis epidemic.  And cure the disease. The study was led by Drs. Hassan

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Millions of South Africans may already have latent Tuberculosis (TB), making awareness, early detection and proper treatment crucial for saving lives. Today – 24 March – marks World TB Day and South Africans should take note that anyone can catch TB, but that the disease is preventable and, in most

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Statistics South Africa released the latest data on national mortality this week, revealing that South Africa’s mortality rate is the lowest that it has been in over a decade. 6.5% less deaths occurred in 2013 in comparison with 2012, this is indicated in the drop from 491 100 recorded deaths

The University of Pretoria, in partnership with the North-West University and the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (Necsa), has made a breakthrough in the field of cancer and TB diagnosis. Researchers have developed a scanner that will soon allow them to significantly speed up the diagnosis process for cancer-spread

Tuberculosis TB Drug | Longevity LIVE

World Tuberculosis Day, celebrated on the 24th March, aims, this year, to reach each individual who is not receiving the proper care and treatment for TB, and to achieve zero TB deaths worldwide. 2015’s theme is: “A TB test, treatment and cure for all”. Tuberculosis is an infectious bacterial disease.

The World Health Organization has revised up its estimate of how many people have tuberculosis by almost 500 000, according to a new report In 2013, nine million people had developed TB around the world, up from 8,6 million in 2012, the WHO said. It stated that the number of

Astonishing stats, published in the journal Lancet Global Health, suggests that more than 650 000 children worldwide develop TB each year. The figure is positioned at almost 25% higher than current predictions made by the World Health Organization. Tuberculosis (TB) in children can be difficult to detect – younger people shelter