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In recent years, people in the UK have become increasingly interested in improving the appearance of their teeth. This has resulted in a rise in demand for dental veneers. Smiling is big business. Huge, in fact. It also means a significant uptick in the value of the UK’s cosmetic dentistry

Dental visits are becoming prevalent around the globe. That is because people finally understand the need to have healthy teeth. It is, however, a fact that one of the things that turns off individuals is the high fees that come after. Dental procedures tend to be very pricey, and for

dental veneers

Technology has transformed our everyday lives significantly, bringing everything within reach of a fingertip.  Dentistry has also been experiencing a revolution in the form of CAD/CAM-assisted crowns/bridges, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and many more.   This article looks into some technologies that will totally change dentistry. So the next time you

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The majority of dental problems can only be accurately diagnosed through dental scans and X-rays. However, if you’re checking a recent photo of yourself, or dare we say selfie and you’re seeing teeth that are looking a bit off. Well, you should make an appointment at the dentist and have

What’s the first thing you notice about a person? The person’s face. What facial features catch your attention? That’s right…the teeth.  One of the first things you notice about someone is how pretty (or not so charming) their smile is. Chances are, if you think you’ve got a cute smile, you’d tend

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Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, is an ancient system of traditional medicine hailing all the way from native India. Based on the belief that our overall health and well-being is dependent on a delicate balance between our mind, body and spirit, this form of alternative medicine has recently gained mainstream attention


Good oral health always begins at home. While it is essential to supplement your at-home care regime with regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings, the best way to maintain the condition of your teeth and gums is to keep them clean. Aside from tooth decay, gum disease, and even oral

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Every child is being told to brush his or her teeth after eating. This is something that all parents all around the world have in common. Now that you are an adult, you will realize the importance of this simple reminder that you keep on hearing when you were still

Dental veneers

For most folks, the fundamentals of good dental hygiene are tutored from a very early age – and with good reason. Teeth serve multiple functions all of which are important to varying degrees. A person’s ability to masticate is probably the first reason for teeth, because it helps make the

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A smile is widely regarded as the universal language, and it can do wonders for your appearance, approachability, and the way people see you. However, many people often feel hesitant to smile because of crooked or misaligned, discolored or missing teeth. If this is you, feeling that your confidence could use