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Walking is one of the greatest exercises you can do to firm your thighs and lift your bum. Recent research suggests that every hour you spend walking – even power walking – may add two hours to your life. Walking can also help lower your risk of heart disease, stroke,

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Glasses definitely make a style statement, but your eyes can get lost beneath your frames unless you adjust your make-up. Make-up Artist Bobbie Brown shares her favorite ways to make your eyes pop from behind your lenses. 8 Make-up tips for women who rock glasses: 1. Eyeliner is key; it

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International beauty guru,  businesswoman and make-up mogul Bobbie Brown gives some simple to adopt 5-minute make-up routine tips for women always on the go. If I only have a few minutes in the morning, the “Five Minute Make-up” routine is a great option, because it has the basics for a

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A 2015 Bloomberg study revealed South Africa as the second-most stressed country in the world. (1) In 2017, these statistics still seem plausible. While the ‘flight or fight’ response we get from stress is all part of basic human survival. Persistent stress was not something we had to worry about

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If you’re anything like me, travelling for work is somewhat of a regular occurrence. In fact, local business trips have become such a standard criteria for most of us. That they start to become more of a nuisance after a while than a pleasure. I’m actually one of those people who really enjoys travelling,

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Life doesn’t always give us time to prepare for unforeseen stress and having a few lighter tips on hand to manage,  can really help. Here Are Our Quick  Lighter Tips You Can Apply to Help Manage Your Stress   1. Pop Some Bubble Gum Time to channel your inner teen. Studies

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When the days start getting warmer and lasting longer, you know summer is right around the corner.  1. Drink some water… and then drink more Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty, you are already becoming dehydrated? And in hot and humid conditions, you can dehydrate in less than