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You may be adopting a zero-waste lifestyle in your home, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate this mentality into your travel time. According to the International Air Transport Association, in 2017 airlines produced around 5.7 million tons of waste, and this number is set to double over the next fifteen years.

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Watamu Kenya is probably one of the most special places you could visit in the world. This is because it has the ability to tap into your adventurous spirit. And unwind your stressed out minds and bodies. Watamu is a place filled with natural wonders and peaceful villages on the

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Traveling is like a really long and windy road. It can teach you more than years of doing nothing ever could. In my experience, the first thing that seems to pop into everybody’s mind when they think travel is vacation. And with this thought comes meeting many new people, posting sunset

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Kim Bell hit the road to traverse South Africa’s great desert with a particular mission in mind: to uncover the quaintest, most novel and experiential stays in some the darling small towns of the Karoo. Our journey through the Karoo’s small towns (commonly referred to as ‘dorpies’) turned out to be

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If you’re anything like me, travelling for work is somewhat of a regular occurrence. In fact, local business trips have become such a standard criteria for most of us. That they start to become more of a nuisance after a while than a pleasure. I’m actually one of those people who really enjoys travelling,

Sometimes being inactive is the most active you can possibly be. Known as the open-air capital of Europe, Oslo, Norway has its roots in health. The city, with long classical vistas and architecture dating back to the 19th Century, makes for a quiet place to fully rejuvenate, Nordic-style. Established in


  By Kim Bell Berlin is a city filled with dramatic history, yet bursting with the present and promise. A city of layers and sharp contrast, new architecture melds with the older, harsher realities. As house-proud residents display neat balconies and bright flowers in window boxes, ramshackle buildings are used

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  In the last article we looked at eating out and making healthier choices while travelling. In this follow up article, we will touch on how to eat healthy,  Looking at basic nutritional principles and an effective workout – no matter where you may be. Homemade or selfmade meals can

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By Tyrone Wessels The fitness lifestyle is one of routine, time efficiency and consistency. Often consisting of healthy meals, commitments to training, fixed waking, working and sleeping times. However when one travels locally or internationally this can all change quite drastically! The defining factors of maintaining your fitness conditioning abroad

Labyrinths have been around for over 7 000 years, yet they haven’t lost their appeal. In fact, they’re more popular than ever with anyone wanting a healthy body and mind. It seemed impossible, that an open piece of earth, with a circular pattern in stone, could have any effect on