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One of the biggest reasons behind failure is the misalignment of objectives. In today’s article we will reveal why you need to exercise with a purpose to ensure long term commitment and success. So why do you exercise? To feel appreciated by yourself and / or others. It feels invigorating.

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Many of us want to get in and out the gym as quickly as possible but still have an effective workout. This goal is achievable but will require a bit of planning. Here I will explain how you can ensure an successful fitness program using interval training. Cardio & interval

exercise | Longevity Live

The mind is a powerful tool when it comes to pushing one’s limits; and what’s truly interesting is the mind games we can use to peak performance. In this column Tyrone Wessels, a personal trainer & power yoga instructor, will shed some light on some useful fitness training tips to

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Do you struggle to open tight condiment jars, water taps, slippery round door handles and a variety plastic sealed food packets? Or you find difficulty in the tasks that require you to hold something for extended periods of time? Perhaps you play sports that involve a bat, racquet, ball etc

Many people approach their training incorrectly by not emphasizing a thorough warm-up and place a great deal of strain on their joints. Your knees are especially at risk. The health of the knee is dependent on strong leg musculature, and obviously how kind you are to your knee when it’s

There are 4 and 1… Left and right… They can do almost anything, from pointing at something, waving goodbye, hi fiving your friend, clapping against one another in delight, writing, typing, gripping and many more amazing feats…. Yes you must have guessed it, your hands. If not the most amazing

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Have you ever been confronted with a situation where you are required to perform an action that is beyond your current movement range, like having a back itch that you can’t reach with your own hands? Improving your range of movement can better your daily life. If you’ve had to get

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Many of us want the most out our time when it comes to training and nutrition. This is why gaining a slight edge over what you may have currently been doing is so valuable! In this article I will discuss 4 easy tips to improve your fitness lifestyle. Tip #1

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You’re on your way to exercise, and you want to make the most of it, but have you prepared your body adequately to perform? I am specifically referring to your meal plan, and if it is being utilized correctly to enhance your training experience. Income Energy Without getting into the

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Ever heard of ‘monkey see, monkey do’? Its human nature to copy, and it’s this emulation that often perpetuates thoughtless reenactment. While not all repeated actions are done mindlessly, the ones performed without knowledge are. Personal trainer Tyrone Wessels will share the 5 exercises you generally should NOT do. 1.