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A new study from Sweden found that social benefits often ease the financial burdens experienced by the parents of children recently diagnosed with cancer, but mothers experienced persistently lower income after benefits diminished. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the findings indicate that additional

The Hawaiians call coconut water “dew from the heavens.”  A gift from nature, with seemingly miraculous health benefits. Extracted from young, green coconuts,  coconut water has a remarkable nutritional profile.  Coconuts are packed with vital elements that are essential to good health. Effective as a hydrant, because their electrolyte content


Living green doesn’t have to be difficult. By including these eco-friendly products in your day-to-day routine, you can do your part to decrease waste and harmful chemicals that go back to the environment, save water, and slow down the rate at which we use up our natural resources. Did you

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Most of us will experience severe sunburn somewhere along our lifetimes, although it is hardly ever intentional. Anyone who has ever ended a day at the beach with that fiery sensation – the one that seems to come from deep inside your skin – will know how painful and uncomfortable sunburn can be.

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So, here are 100 simple ways to be healthy. Over time, you’ll find that these habits start to accumulate. Before you know it, you’ll wake up and discover that you’re leading the healthy, happy life you’ve been aiming for. This article features numbers 11-20. 21. Have eggs for dinner. Eggs

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Hot yoga has become increasingly popular, with millions of people practicing it across the world. So you’re sure to know a yogi or two who raves about the mind-body practice. In addition to its endless list of benefits, it seems that most people who have aged healthily credit yoga for

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I believe one of the true anti-aging secrets no one talks about is actually ‘adult friendly’ ways to act like a kid again. Now that spring has finally sprung – what better way to do so, than to play in the pool? Try pool exercises. Just by getting into a

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The amount of fluid in our body affects the way our cells function – meaning that dehydration can interfere with healthy aging. According to nutrition expert Linda Drummond, we don’t feel thirsty until we’ve lost about 1% of our body weight in water. If dehydration continues, we experience greater thirst,

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It’s a simple fact that many people don’t drink enough water in the day, despite the health benefits. Modern lifestyles and the accessibility of a wide selection of sweetened, carbonated drinks has tainted the human palate and appreciation for water’s natural taste. Here’s why you need to drink more pure

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In today’s world, the idea of growing your own food garden is appealing. Not only is it cost-effective, but you can control the soil in which your plants grow, and will be assured that no additives or pesticides have been used, thereby improving the nutrient and mineral content of your