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Want your technology obsessed child to stay active? Then you’ll be relieved to know technology may be able to help you win that battle. A new study, published in the scientific journal JAMA Paediatrics, has found that playing active video games is a great way to help overweight children increase

Rick Ross had two seizures in a single day, a situation that sent him to hospital three years ago. Health didn’t concern the 300-pound rapper, until now. He’s shed nearly 100 pounds in the last seven months by eating healthier foods and embracing a high-intensity workout plan. Ross, 37, says

At the beginning of this year, we partnered up with Nestle for our Well Up Challenge 2014. This challenge has taken 13 individuals on a journey to health and wellness with the help of our panel of experts. As the Well Up Challenge 2014 draws to a close, we thought we

Cut this out, try this, eat more of this, drink less of this, don’t do that, do this instead. There are so many diets out there claiming to give that illusive beach body we are all looking for. While some may offer the results you are looking for, can this

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What happened to skinned knees and sun-kissed cheeks? These days children can be found tucked away in the confines of their homes playing Playstation, eating junk food and watching more than three hours of TV on a daily basis. The 2014 Health Active Kids Report, sponsored by Discovery Vitality and

Fascinating new research suggests a different type of fat, called brown fat, may help thousands to lose weight. This would be ideal for many who want to improve their health and appearance. According to WebMD, researchers recently found that cold temperatures may help us make more of this “good fat” that

  South Africa is still considered to be one of the heaviest nations in the world. Our rates of obesity are shockingly high. And while many South Africans are seeing the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, fat may be lurking where you least expect it… your drink choices. One

  With winter in full swing, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of comfort eating. Those rich, warm puddings and cups of delectable hot chocolate may bring pleasure for a while, but the effects stay on long after the indulgent taste fades. Experts, in convenient and balanced nutrition,

Our Well Up challenge, sponsored by Nestle South Africa, has now reached its three month mark which means our 13 participants have 6 months to go to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Ourpanel of experts have been working hard when it comes to building up our participants’ self-esteem as well as

  Melissa Kelly, registered dietitian and founder of Scoop to Lose, is our go-to nutrition expert for our 2014 Well Up Challenge, sponsored by Nestle. She shares how to  assess your BMI and waist circumference. Did you know that assessing your BMI and waist circumference can save your life? Body mass