There is a lot of contradictory dietary information available on the Internet. While it may seem like this means you have the complete guide to healthy eating at your fingertips – we all know that this anything but the case. The biggest problem – most people will tell you –

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Living a healthier life is easier said than done. Two days into a diet and most of us find ourselves nibbling on sweets, chips and other processed snacks. Despite what various fad diet programmes like to claim, healthy eating is a change of lifestyle and not a simple quick fix. With

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Exercise is supposed to give you energy, but at what point can it actually drain you of energy? Fitness expert Jenni Rivett is as adamant about the damaging effects of over-exercising as she is about not exercising at all. In this article she shares some great advice. Balance It’s common

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Cayenne pepper is a medicinal cooking wonder. It has been used for a variety of ailments including heartburn, gout, fever, sore throat, menorrhagia and so much more. In this article we share 7 other health benefits of this spicy pepper as a great way to flavor your food: 1. Anti-Irritant

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You’ll be happy to know that every one of us has got a certain amount of brown fat otherwise seen as “good fat” within our bodies. Brown fat, has a strong ability to burn energy and produce heat, unlike normal white fat, which remains stagnant and stores calories. Until 2009,

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Central adiposity is the term researchers use when they describe belly fat. Admittedly, the phrase sounds better than muffin top, though they relate to the same thing. Central adiposity is the accumulation of fatty tissue around the abdominal region. It can be difficult to regulate the amount of fat in

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Whether you want to conceive, lose weight or tame your PMS, progesterone is your new best friend. Today’s environment has an influx of oestrogen or oestrogen mimicking molecules in our environment, but there isn’t much to support its antagonist progesterone. What Does Progesterone Do? Being a precursor as well as

Star of the romantic film The Age of Adeline, the beautiful Blake Lively has never struggled to stay slim. Agreeing to shoot the surf thriller The Shallows ten months after giving birth, Lively had to make a plan to get her body into a surfing fit state. Diet and exercise were the key. Blake


Italian researchers have just released a new study that is sure to stir up controversy. They claim that eating pasta can help you to lose weight.  Neither side takes prisoners in the hotly debated topic of whether or not we should eat carbs such as pasta.  Supporters of official dietary

The You Docs share 5 ways that you can use water to lose weight. Ready to amp up your weight-loss efforts? Sip a big glass of H20 before meals. A new study says drinking water 30 minutes before every meal could help you to lose around 4kg in 12 weeks.