Recently a metabolic pilot study comparing a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet with a high carbohydrate diet was conducted in the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Maryland in the United States. The Nutritional Science’s Institute (NuSI) and the NIH funded the study. The trial took 17 Men 18 to 50

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A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has revealed that not only do pulses help you to lose weight, they also help you to keep it off. Just three-quarters of a cup (1 serving) of chickpeas, lentils, beans or peas has been shown to contribute to moderate

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While many of us have dreamed of the day when our favourite starchy staple had half the calories, few would have reckoned it was actually possible. Scientists from Sri Lanka, though, seemed to have done exactly this: they’ve found a way to halve the calories in rice. Counter intuitively, the


What if there really was a coffee alternative that actually worked? I know, a true coffee drinker will never betray his trusted bean, but for those who really want to kick the habit yerba mate may be the solution. Celebrities like Meg Ryan, Madonna, Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow and the

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 Dr. Jean Adams from the Centre for Diet & Activity Research, Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit has investigated why current weight loss interventions keep thin people thin, while fat people get bigger.  The University of Cambridge has released her new essay which indicates that while the implementation of a sugar tax

Imagine if you had a switch that could balance your metabolism and do a deep cleanse without the use of expensive fan dangled detox kits? Your body is designed to do so by using a genius mechanism known as autophagy. Celebrities have discovered that intermittent fasting, or autophagy,  is one

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Christmas and New Years is a time for celebration, which makes it almost impossible to not ‘go all out’. But after a week of overindulgence you may start to feel a little like a beached whale. Don’t worry there are a few simple tricks to get you back on track.

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The Well Up Challenge – a journey to weight loss and wellness:  Over the past year Longevity hosted a weight loss and wellness challenge which aimed to improve the overall wellness of a group of overweight candidates over a nine month period. Our panel of experts provided advice and support

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Healthy eating isn’t a fad, it can’t be, and as such the keys to its success won’t be found in the numerous dieting trends that pop up in a continuous strain of drastic, body depriving weight-loss tactics. Rather, it is found in the simple eating habits we practice every day.

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  More time spent slogging it out on the treadmill equals an easier journey into your beloved skinnies: it’s a simple equation – more time on exercise, more weight off your hips. Right? Wrong – or so says the doctor who is turning the world of conventional exercise ken on