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Worms and the effect that they can have on your body is highly underestimated. After the experience, I had with them… I must share with you the importance of deworming both your family and yourself. Intestinal worms are the worst kind of parasites and can take away your health in no time at

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Jillian Michaels shares her rules. She’s our favorite hardcore’ coach and is never afraid for real talk. So many people struggle with their weight, whether they are losing too much weight or gaining it and more. However, Jillian is never afraid to talk about the rules you need to follow if

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According to Arianna Huffington, author of The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time, “Sleep is the underpinning link of our entire well-being, necessary for us to fully recharge and be productive, creative and truly connect with ourselves and others during the day.” According to a world-class study conducted by

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I don’t think my wife trusts me. 🙁 For pretty much all of my adult life, I have struggled with keeping in shape. I enjoy training – it’s not that. It’s just that I enjoy eating more – and the description ‘chubby’ is beginning to apply to me. Generally, though,

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Around 20% of women worldwide suffer from PCOS – or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – making it the largest hormonal problem to date. Yet millions of women go undiagnosed. Dr Malikah Van der Schyff is a Cape Town gynaecologist and obstetrician. She points out: “PCOS is a complex syndrome made up

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In this day and age, getting eight hours of sleep is seen by many as a luxury, not a necessity. Moreover – along with the ability to work at any time and in any place – many of us are cutting corners on our z’s. But proper rest is needed for more than

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Hard to believe, but it’s true. Toxic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC) that lurk in many plastic products (1) we use on a daily basis can lead to weight gain. (2) While there have been a variety of studies proving this statement, one particular one conducted in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal

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Calorie counting has been the dominant diet advice for over six decades. Yet we know that not all calories are created equal. Processed food has been exposed for the con artist it is and whole foods are back in favour. A recent study has exposed the research behind low fat diets as fraudulent…


Many of today’s sugar free products are loaded with a variety of sweeteners. Knowing the differences between each sugar substitute is crucial for your health and waistline. With names such as Neotame, Lactitol and Trehalose, not only have sweeteners become hard to recognize, but they sound more like characters out of

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson is still a natural bombshell at the age of 52. Mother of two, actress and businesswoman Macpherson has worked hard to make her mark on the world. Yet in her late 40’s the culmination of stressors caught up with her. She began to gain weight and