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So while parts of the world are going into summer, many countries will be entering winter. Winter is the season that comes with dropping temperatures, which can leave our skin feeling much drier and itchier than it does in the summer. Unfortunately for those dealing with skin conditions such as

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With winter officially set in, it’s time to adjust your beauty routine. While the colder, shorter days can make hair care quite tedious, it is important to cater for your locks as much as you did during the warmer months. While the summer months bring the threat of sun damage

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Managing skin during changing seasons may be difficult, and whilst you may skip a wax or two during the colder months, this is when your facial appointments should become more crucial, as part of fighting dry and sensitive skin that may accompany the arrival of changing weather. On average, it

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Is your skin feeling tight and chapped right now? Or maybe your hair is breaking? Anyone who lives in Jo’burg knows that when winter hits, all the moisture (which already isn’t much) gets sucked out of the air. Leaving your body dehydrated and dry. Now if you’re anything like me and averse

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  Winter can wreak havoc on our skin. Not only can the season leave us dry and chapped, but the wind, low-humidity and intense indoor heat can also make our complexions appear dull. Dermatologist and “Forget the Facelift” author, Dr. Doris Day shares her top skincare secrets to keeping our

    Suffering from colds and flu every year can be exhausting and costly. Having to go to the doctor every year during winter can be frustrating. But, there is something you can do to help your body recover naturally, and to avoid getting sick in the first place. UK

  With winter in full swing, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of comfort eating. Those rich, warm puddings and cups of delectable hot chocolate may bring pleasure for a while, but the effects stay on long after the indulgent taste fades. Experts, in convenient and balanced nutrition,

Dr Ela Manga, an integrative medical practitioner and breathwork coach, has been guiding our Well Up participants through their journey and has been encouraging them to focus on the power of breathing. She explains that in winter, the energy of nature draws inwards. Likewise, as the days get shorter and