Recent research has shown that as many as one in every 33 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. This is a disease that often robs a woman of her identity, and is one that needs to

  A recent study, conducted by Loyola University Medical Centre, explains that only 1% of adults report that they have experienced headaches associated with sexual activity but that this problem might be more common than we think. “Many people who experience headaches during sexual activity are too embarrassed to tell

Women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to orgasm faster and more intensely, a fascinating study reveals.   Publishing research on how exercise affects sexual self-esteem, Tina M. Penhollow, PhD, an associate professor of health promotion at Florida Atlantic University, says: “Being physically active seems to


If your friends from all over the word are popping up on your social media feeds lately, posting a picture of themselves with the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, you will be happy to know that these are for a very good cause. The “no makeup selfie” campaign may have sparked a huge

Beautiful actress Kate Winslet, famed for her natural good looks, shares her views on beauty.   What is your definition of beauty? My definition of beauty is a woman who can love with her whole self. Without vanity and unconditionally. But in a more conventional sense, my definition of beauty