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If hip hop star Jay-Z’s smashing hit is anything to go by, we all want to live “forever young.” Much to our chagrin, while there have been numerous attempts to find the fountain of youth,  this  still remains an elusive quest. However, the search for ways to roll back the

treasure [longevity live]

Treasure these years. You are young and full of energy. Your twenties are the years where you are able to find out who you are. You will also discover your passions. I think it’s very easy to get caught up in the stress of it all, but don’t let the

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In order to age gracefully, it’s truly important to maintain a functional body through exercise. More specifically, a body that’s capable of navigating your daily living with ease and mobility. In this article we will discuss various strength movements that are essential to developing and maintaining a youthful body. Here are