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Men’s health is an aspect of their lives that shouldn’t ever be overlooked. Yet, somehow men often tend to think they can surpass self-care routines. However, men’s health needs to be taken seriously and the sooner you start the longer and happier you’ll live. Men’s health doesn’t need to be

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Similar to our skin, the state of our locks represents how well our body is functioning internally. And just like our skin, it’s important to practice proper hair maintenance that includes regular shampooing, moisturizing and deep conditioning. However, the health of our mane can often deteriorate as a result of a number

zinc | Longevity Live

While zinc is better known for its role in fighting colds and flu, it has far-ranging more positive effects on human health, from strengthening the body’s immune defenses, improving libido and importantly ensuring longevity. This element is vital to the functioning of more than 300 hormones and enzymes and one the